With Trinity Lutheran College having ceased instruction in May, 2016, the Trinity Education Foundation will keep the spirit of the college and its predecessor, the Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle, thriving into the future!

Moving Forward

As we continue to work toward closing the college, these steps have occurred:

  • The final graduating class participated in Commencement on May 7th, 2016.  Trinity ceased instruction as of that date.
  • A small staff of about a half dozen, plus volunteers, have remained to help close the college (the financial and Department of Education aspects that could take over a year to finalize).
  • Over the summer months of 2016, and continuing today the Trustees of the Trinity Education Foundation have been meeting to create plans for the foundation to continue to provide scholarships into the future.
  • To eliminate the college debt, the campus building and parking garage were put up for sale in the spring of 2016. 
  • And – PRAISE GOD WITH THANKS – the building and parking garage were sold, with the real estate closing on October 7th, 2016! 

These have been significant steps in the life of the college, and for the Trinity Education Foundation into the future.  The sale of the building and parking garage was a huge step forward and one that eliminated all of the debts of the college.  In January 2016 when the decision was made by the Board of Directors of the college to close the college, this scenario was one we could only pray and hope for. In addition to covering all college debt, proceeds from the sale also meet the basic financial needs for the endowed scholarship funds that the foundation will manage in the future. We are so thankful and praise God for His provision in this time of transition!  Please join us in giving thanks.

Steps Taken

As we move forward, these steps have been taken:

  • The few remaining staff members and volunteers have moved office space to Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Everett.  
  • The Trinity Lutheran College Board of Directors will continue to give oversight to the remaining closing processes for the college.
  • Anticipating the final dissolution of the college, the Trinity Education Foundation will become a separate entity, to provide scholarships to deserving students.
  • The college Board will continue to encourage Trinity/LBI alumni connections.

The TEF is excited about its future and the opportunity to impact the lives of college students and their future to influence the world through their vocation.

The Trustees of the foundation are passionate to keep the spirit and intent of Trinity Lutheran College/Lutheran Bible Institute-Seattle alive well into the future!  

The Mission of the foundation is:

The Trinity Education Foundation will support individuals and organizations engaged in educational programs that support Christian values that make known the Gospel's call for peace, justice, and healing throughout the world.

The TEF will begin offering scholarships again starting in the fall for the 2017-18 academic year.  

The trustees feel that the best use of funds to support the spirit and intent of LBI/Trinity will be to offer scholarships to students who were attending Trinity when it ceased operations.  This will be the case for two years so that past Trinity students can vie for scholarships in their junior and seniors years in college. Planning now is for scholarships to be offered in these areas:

  • Ministry & Pastoral Leadership
  • Seminary
  • Business Leadership
  • General

Some funds may also be used to support faith-based organizations that help students learn about their God-given opportunities to serve the world through their vocation. Over the coming months the Trustees will be working on the scholarship focus for the 2018-19 academic year and ensuing years, with a continued focus to support the spirit and intent of Trinity/LBI.  This is exciting.  We're grateful to God that there is opportunity for the Trinity/LBI movement to continue in this form!

We hope you choose to join us in helping students thrive in their future, with your prayer support, your financial gifts, and perhaps your estate Planned Gift.